The Pro vs. The Legend

On Sunday, September 24, a match was held at North Olmsted Golf Club between ‘The Pro’, Erin Craig, PGA and head golf professional for The Turn, and ‘The Legend’, longtime Turn member Herb Werner.

The two were set to play in a head-to-head matchup with one unique provision: Erin had to use the same type of adaptive vehicle as Herb!

In the end, Herb outlasted Erin 42-45 for the victory, as scores of spectators looked on.

The following day, Herb sent the following email to Erin:

TO: Erin Craig

FROM: Herb Werner

Subject: THE MATCH – The PRO Versus The LEGEND

Dear PRO:

Sunday, September 24, 2023, will be a special memory for me. The opportunity to have a challenging golf game with both of us using adaptive equipment was an outstanding experience. At no time during the event did I give a single thought to my physical limitations. Instead, I recognized what a great opportunity I was being given to participate in a challenging, positive, and “normal” event. I appreciate you taking the time to learn some of the challenges that members of the disability community experience on their continuing journey through life. This is another example of why I describe THE TURN as the Demonstration Laboratory for assisting people in the quest for a productive and rewarding quality of life. Please know that you are truly making a difference in countless lives. I am proud to refer to as my PRO!


Beautiful. That’s why The Turn does what it does…