2023 Player of the Year

Congratulations to Bob Bastik on becoming our 2023 Player of the Year.


Read our Head Professional, Erin Craig’s introduction speech below:

“Our 2023 Player of the year Joined the Turn on February 16, 2012.  When they came to us, they had been playing golf for 30 years.  In their 42-year career, they managed to make one more hole in one than me! Yes, that’s right, that means they have had ONE hole in one.

Joining The Turn not only helped our player of the year get back to the game they loved over the years, but our player of the year has also helped bring numerous new members to The Turn.  They are a friend to anyone they meet.  When I first started 4 years ago, they were one of the first ones to welcome me to the family.  If a member needs a ride, they will offer to pick them up, even if they cannot participate in the program that day. Even though they are prompt and arrive at The Turn at Shellie’s 15 min before programming mark, they still somehow end up late to her announcements because they are too busy talk to everyone they see as they come in the doors.

They are a regular at most of our extracurricular activities, including the occasional horticulture therapy, educational speakers, and even turning our Bingo sessions into a date night with his wife.  Our player of the year has been a driving force in the Southwest General Strokers League over the past 10 years. Taking over only so the league would continue. Even this year when he had his own setbacks, he was in constant contact with me about when he’d be back and ready to start the league up for the year.  Some would say our Player of the Year has a lot of poootential, but I would say has more selflessness than anyone I know. I would like to introduce our 2023 player of the year, your friend and mine, Bob Bastik.”