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Courage. Perseverance. Commitment.  Resilience. Toughness.

Like so many of our Turn Members, our 2022 Player of the Year has displayed these characteristics as a member of The Turn, but equally important, is that our Player of the Year has been committed to these ideals well before joining The Turn.

Like so many of our Turn Members, our 2022 Player of the Year has faced numerous challenges, set-backs, difficult moments, and uncertain times.  Times where the future was not only scary and confusing…but also moments where future time was not even a guarantee.

But our newest Hall of Fame member fought…and fought…and fought…then decided for good measure…to fight even more.  And that fighting continues today as our Player of the Year never gives up and constantly strives to be better…in EVERYTHING that they do.  This drive to get better, this dedication to one’s self……. this belief in focusing on the positiveness of what someone has versus what they do not have…all of these things, I know for a fact, help serve as inspiration to so many of our Player of the Year’s fellow members.  Our Player of the Year’s infectious smile and laugh are second to none and they are always willing to engage other members for conversation…they even crack a joke and talk a little trash during competition.

Like so many Hall of Fame members before them, our 2022 Player of the Year has complete dedicated themselves to The Turn and so many of our program offerings.  Our Player of the Year not only regularly attends their CORE clinics each week…they can be seen on a regular basis attending golf socials, art therapy, play days, harnessing their CHI in yoga and even throwing some bocce.  And you will most definitely see our Player of the Year at The Crushers game, Night at the Races and our Holiday party, along with other inclusion and social events.

As I mentioned earlier our player of the year has been with The Turn for quite some time and seen the program grow.  Our 2022 Turn Player of the Year joined The Turn on September 14, 2015, which was a Monday.  That means our Player of the Year has been a member of The Turn community for 353 weeks…or…2476 days…or…59,424 hours…or…3,565,440 minutes…or…213,926,400 seconds……

And because of all that time they spent as a part of the Turn community…our Player of the Year is better off because of it and so are the rest of us.

Our 2022 Player of the Year is a veteran who served their country with pride, honor, and distinction and for that everyone of us here says thank you for all that you have done for your country and for us.

As I said last year, I believe that the future of The Turn has never been brighter.  And by honoring our 2022 Player of the Year we are also celebrating the future of The Turn by honoring those who helped all of us get to this very special moment in time…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely proud to present the Jerry Ludwig Cup to The Turn 2022 Player of The Year and your newest inductee into The Turn Hall of Fame…

Your friend, my friend…

Colin Smith

[Speech written and delivered by Trevor Hazen, Program Director)

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