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 What sport have you missed watching so far in 2020?
What Olympic sport do you wish you could have played? 


Weekly Turn Socials

Our weekly member socials have served as a wonderful way for all of us to stay connected during these unprecedented times. Beginning Monday, April 20, we will be changing how members access these socials and will be moving away from the dial-in conference line in favor of Zoom Meetings.
Zoom is a secure way for us visually connect over video via our smartphones, tablets like iPads or laptop computers. The platform is currently being used by our staff for online meetings and allows us to us to see live video of everyone on the call.
To start using Zoom with your smartphone or tablet, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Zoom App. Note: You are not required to create a Zoom account to access the member socials. Once the app is downloaded, simply click on the appropriate button below (e.g. “Monday Zoom”) to access your social meeting at the appropriate day and time.
If you would prefer to not be on video or you do not have a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera, there is a call-in number available, similar to how socials were done before. You will then be prompted to put in the MEETING ID (provided below) followed by the # sign, please ignore the prompt to enter your “Participant ID” and simply press “#” and then enter the meeting PASSWORD.

Play the video above for a lesson from Assistant Golf Professional, Erin Craig PGA.

Play the video above for a lesson from Fitness Coordinator, Gina Babinec PT.

Shellie McQuaid

Program Coordinator

Hello Turn Members,

 The moment we have all been waiting for! We are happy to announce that we are in the process of developing a plan to resume in-person programming for The Turn! Our target date to resume programming is the week of June 15th. 

There will be some measures in place to make sure we are following the recommended guideines. 

Please read the guidelines below, anyone planning on attending Turn programming must understand and adhere to the guidelines below: 

ALL classes will be outside. If it is raining or it is too hot/humid classes will be canceled. 
– Class size and times will be adjusted/reduced when we return until guidelines allow for group sizes to be larger 
– If a member is using one of our clubs, that club must be sanitized before another member can use it. 
– If a member needs ANY assistance, they will have to bring caregivers to assist. That includes those needing gait belts and transferring to and from paramobiles or solo riders. 
– Maintain the recommended 6 foot social distancing rule at all times. 
– Please avoid physical contact with all members, volunteers, and staff. 
– We encourage face masks, but they are not required. 
– You will need to check your temperature at home prior to leaving for the Turn. Ohio suggest people stay home if they have a fever of at least 100.4. 
– If you are not feeling well, please stay home. We will understand. 
– Last but not least, if in doubt don’t touch it. 

For your safety 

• All staff and volunteers will wear masks 
• All equipment will be sanitized after use. 
• Maximum members per class will be 6 with 3 at fitness, underth e tent and 3 at golf, on the driving range. \
• Class time may be shortened to 30 minutes, 15 minutes on each side to ensure all members have an opportunity to participate. 
• Hand sanitizer will be available, but please feel free to bring your own. 

I will need all of you to call me and let me know if you plan on coming back now or if you would like to wait awhile. The sooner you call me the sooner we can prepare for programming to start. My cell phone number is 216-288-7793. Please leave a message or text if I don’t answer, I will call you back. 

In the meantime, we still have our videos and news articles to keep us in shape and on the right “golf” track! Fitness will focus on mobility and golf will focus on width of arc. 

Gina Babinec PT

Fitness Coordinator

The Turn

Last week, we focused on power. Two fundamentals in developing power in our swing are mobility and stability. This week’s focus is on mobility. Our joints have a certain degree of mobility which is determined by the bone structure and soft tissue that surrounds the joint. Our bone structure often changes as we age. Common changes are arthritis and decreased bone density otherwise known as osteoporosis. 

There are several mobility exercises we have done in fitness to help increase our mobility focusing on some of the areas I feel are most important to improve the efficiency of our golf swing. They include the shoulder, thoracic spine, hips, and ankles. Adequate shoulder external rotation is needed to avoid the dreaded chicken wing. I always stress rotation and extension of the thoracic spine. Although each segment of the upper spine has minimal rotation, the combination of each segment’s joint mobility can result in greater upper body rotation during the golf swing. Greater extension mobility in the thoracic spine can also help to maximize rotation and facilitate improved golf stance posture. Increased hip rotation allows the pelvis to rotate into the backswing and follow through to avoid swing characteristics such as the sway and the slide. Lack of ankle mobility, usually due to tight calf muscles, can cause us to stand up and lose our posture during our golf swing. 

I may not be able to help you pick up that hotdog at The Turn, but by watching my Exercise Video 4, you may be able to not only improve your rotation, but also improve the width and length of your golf swing. 

Trevor Hazen PGA

Program Director

How Wide is your Arc?

The golf focus this week at The Turn is an in-swing fundamental known as “Width of Arc”. Width of arc has a huge influence on your club and ball speed but it also has a huge effect on your centeredness of contact at impact. All of these factors will ultimately affect your distance…the question is will they affect your distance positively or negatively? 

Think of your arc width like the radius of a circle, in this case, one that is measured from your swing center (top of your sternum looking face-on and or the top of the spine looking from behind) to the end of the club. If we were to measure the velocity of the middle of the club during the swing versus the end of the club (the clubhead) we would find that the clubhead is traveling faster because it has a greater distance to cover. This means that learning to swing the club on the widest arc that works for your swing is what we are trying to achieve for maximum velocity. I stress that the appropriate and maximum arc width for everyone will not be the same, it is very individual. 

One of the oldest golf tips in the history of the game is actually based on achieving arc width…think about if anyone has ever told you to “keep your left arm straight”. This feeling of keeping the lead arm straight throughout the swing is what can create a wide arc. I just caution that keeping the arms straight to the point of locked elbows is probably a bit too extreme and could lead to unwanted tension in the golf swing. Bottom line…try not to collapse your arms at the top of the swing or prior to impact because this can shorten or narrow your arc and this will cause a loss of speed and off center hits. 

Also…please remember to go to to see our instructional video covering width of arc! Until next time…keep it in the short grass!


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