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Shellie McQuaid

Program Coordinator

Hello Turn Members,

 I hope everyone is well and enjoying your summer! It has been a hot one so I hope you are all drinking a lot of water and staying cool. 

We wrapped up the Join The Turn Outing on July 18 and what a fun day! There was a nice breeze to help with the heat and everyone showed up at their tee time which helped with social distancing. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers for your help that day, we were a great team and everything ran smoothly! 

Over the last few weeks Jennifer and I have asked you to fill out a form for a new program we are running. The program is called Vagaro and in the next few weeks you will see an email from Vagaro requesting you to download the app on your phone or computer. This new program is going to make signing up for yoga, socials, and other activities we offer much easier. You won’t have to sign up on the pink and green sign up sheets anymore! We will walk you through the process and have computers available at the Wharton Center for you to sign up on. If you have not filled out the form, please call me and I will fill one out for you. If you receive the email and are not sure what to do call me and I will walk you through it. My cell phone number is 216-288-7793.

Your Program Coordinator – Shellie 

Gina Babinec PT

Fitness Coordinator

Offense is the best Defense

A previous article and clinic lesson focused on vision and factors that can lead to cataracts, pingueculas, small yellow raised bumps on the white part of the eye, and others. Choosing foods rich in antioxidants, like leafy, green vegetables and fish and fatty foods containing omega-3 fatty acids can promote health of the macula. Quitting smoking and reducing eye strain decreases the risk of developing eye conditions. Wearing sunglasses that filter out ultraviolet (UV) rays, is another way to protect your eyes. The wrap-around sunglasses coupled with wide brim hats can reduce direct UV rays. 

Let’s talk lens color. A darker gray lens offers the most polarizing efficiency at 98%. It allows for true color recognition while reducing the maximum amount of visible light. They are said to be best for bright and heavy glare situations and used for driving, deep water fishing and general use.

Lighter shades of gray also have a polarizing efficiency of 98% and allow for true color recognition. They are great for partly sunny to bright sunny days.

A brown shaded lens offers a polarizing efficiency of 93%. It provides excellent contrast and improves depth perception. It is used for bright and varying conditions very much like ours. They are reportedly best for driving, golfing, and shallow water fishing.

And finally, melanin, an orange brown lens, blocks out blue light and maintains color balance. These may be able to provide visual acuity and high contrast. They are used for golfing, driving, and shallow water fishing. More importantly, these lenses are highly recommended for individuals with macular degeneration.

Members, do you feel you should be wearing sunglasses when you golf? I think the eyes have it!

Trevor Hazen PGA

Program Director

Find Your Center (of contact)

 This week’s golf focus is on Centeredness of Contact (COC). COC is once of the most important factors that determine the level of success for every shot you will ever have. Every golf club has a center of gravity, also known as its’ “sweet spot”. This sweet spot is typically located in about the middle of the clubface, both horizontally and vertically. On a lot of putters, the sweet spot is marked by a line or similar marking on the top of the clubhead. 

The first major benefit of COC is that it provides the greatest transfer of energy from the club into the ball. This will help you in three ways: 

-The first is that you will have to potential to achieve your maximum distance for that shot. 

-Secondly, it will also help you with improved distance control on those shots that don’t require maximum distance such as a chip or putt. 

-The third is improved accuracy. If the ball is struck by somewhere other than the sweet spot, such as the toe or heel, there is typically some twisting of the clubhead or opening/closing of the clubface. These shots will not start online and tend to be very inconsistent and certainly not accurate. When the COC is good the clubhead tends to remain stabilized thus producing better shots. 

The final benefit, and one that I think we all appreciate the most, great COC just plain feels good. The best feeling shots you’ve ever had, the ones that felt great, all had good COC involved. 

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