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Happy Fall Turn Members-

We hope that you all are enjoying the great seasonal weather and the changing of the leaves. The golf course is in great shape so you all should try to squeeze in some golf before the season ends. This newsletter we wanted to remind you of some important announcements and to help provide a little insight into the format of the core programming clinics once we go inside.

The Turn team worked out a great playbook for the fall and winter months of program inside the Wharton Center. You should have all received it in an email, if you did not receive it call or email Shellie and she will send it to you. This playbook is going to help you get through the process of how programming will look inside. Please read, sign the last page and return to Shellie. New schedules are done for November and December. We will continue with program every other week and we will not have program Thanksgiving week. Shellie has paper copies at the clubhouse and Wharton Center. If you would like one emailed to you call Shellie.

Check out our recreational events we have coming up!
• Pumpkin Painting – October 20
• Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer – October 22
• Art Therapy – October 27

See you soon,

The Turn Staff

Inside Golf Clinic

The golf room will consist of a total of three stations each week. There will be two “active” stations and one resting/social station. This format will help us to stay safe and limit the number of people in the room. The three members will rotate through the stations in a specific order. We will be using the simulators and begin working on some longer swings with you as well. Please remember that we will tell you what clubs will be needed in the newsletter for that week. Please do not bring your entire bag. A small “Sunday Bag” works great as do Velcro ski straps that you can wrap around the grips to keep your clubs together. We also encourage you to please put shaft labels on your clubs in case one gets misplaced.

This week’s clinic: Please bring a putter and two clubs to chip with (ex: a wedge and an 8 iron). We will be reviewing all aspects of your grip and running you through your up and down test.

Inside Golf Fitness

Hopefully, all of you have read our indoor programming playbook. Some may be wondering how golf fitness will look. We are essentially bringing our creative “tent fitness” indoors.

The first thing members will notice is our new floor. As part of our facility improvements we now have rubber flooring that absorbs sound and provides greater underfoot comfort than our previous carpeted surface. The floor is easy to clean and is more resistant to micro-organism activity. Golf shoes will not be permitted in the fitness room and we encourage everyone to dress in comfortable layers. You may also be interested to know that we have also installed a new high efficiency, HEPA filter HVAC system and we will be opening the basement windows slightly when needed to help with air circulation.

Instead of rotating from station to station, members will be assigned 1 of 3 areas in the fitness room each visit. You may not get to use your favorite exercise equipment each week, but by using a variety of equipment, we can easily address your golf fitness needs. Each member will be assigned 1 volunteer or staff member.

Whether you are attending biweekly sessions or not, please continue to exercise at home if cleared with your physician. Experts recommend 150 minutes per week. Use our exercise video links in our weekly newsletters to access chair movement, chair strengthening, chair and stand yoga to build your exercise program.

Play the video above for a lesson from Fitness Coordinator, Gina Babinec PT.

Play the video above for a lesson from Fitness Coordinator, Gina Babinec PT.

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